2021 Precinct & County Elections

Stay active! Get involved! 

This year we will be electing Precinct officers and over 130 County Central Committee members. At the County Central Committee meeting we'll elect the Taos County Party Chair and Vice Chair, ten additional State Central Committee members, fill committee positions, and vote on a proposal to establish a Ward structure for the Taos County Democratic Party.
Register to vote in your Precinct meeting HERE
Precinct meetings will happen by zoom by Feb. 25. They're where County Central Committee members will be selected  - note that only County Central Committee members can vote to fill the other positions, so volunteer to be one!
Nominate yourself to run for one or more positions HERE
See below for more about the roles you can run for. Many of the role - particularly precinct officers and County Central Committee members - don't require a big time commitment . You can make them what you want them to be.  


Monday March 15, 6 p.m. on zoom

County Central Committee members (elected at precinct meetings) will elect county party officers - chair and vice-chair - as well as our ten State Central Committee members.
All registered Democrats are welcome, but only County Central Committee members can vote for these positions.

Precinct Chair & Vice Chair

The Precinct Chair is in charge of precinct activities and presides over precinct meetings, however often they choose to have them. The Precinct Chair is automatically a member of the County Central Committee (CCC). 

We prefer if the Precinct Chair works alongside county campaign officials to help...

-  connect with & welcome new Democrats in their precinct

- recruit neighborhood teams to engage registered Democrats in the precinct, by phone or door-to-door

- work on getting up-to-date contact information for Democrats in the precinct

- inform precinct members of precinct or county meetings and events

- be a voter registrar (or recruit voter registrars) to help assure  Democrats in the precinct are registered

- get out the vote

Vice-Chairs (if elected) will assist the chair and assume the responsibilities of the Chair if the Chair is absent or unable to perform his/her duties.