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Keep the Momentum Going

Stay active! Get involved! 

Together we have led the state in voter engagement and turnout. We have set an example for other county parties throughout New Mexico and turned the Taos County Democratic Party into a full-time, year-round operation.

We've been instrumental in victories up and down the ballot, from electing President Joe Biden to re-electing governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to a full sweep of statewide offices. We’ve also worked to elect committed Democrats here in our own community. 

We can’t stop now, though. Let's maintain the momentum going into 2024! This starts at the grassroots level in each precinct and now wards. Wards are defined by each county commission district; they help build a strong foundation for success.

Please join us at our upcoming ward and county central committee meetings as we build out the framework for 2024. Find your meeting here.


Read the Taos County Democratic Party Platform
adopted by the County Central Committee in March 2022

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