Precinct Meetings & County Elections

Get involved with your local Democratic Party leadership! 


Check the schedule here and meet with your precinct to elect precinct chairs, vice-chairs, and representatives for the Taos County Central Committee.
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These are the people who will vote for county party officers and State Central Committee members - and they'll be in charge of strategies to get their neighbors out to vote. 
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Juan I Gonzales Agricultural Center
202 Chamisa Road, Taos
County Central Committee members (elected at the meetings above) or their proxies will elect county party officers - chair and vice-chair - as well as our nine State Central Committee members.
All registered Democrats are welcome!
Precinct Chair
Precinct Vice-Chair
County Central Committee Rep
State Central Committee Member

Precinct Chair & Vice Chair

The Precinct Chair shall be the chief executive of the precinct and will preside over all precinct meetings. The Precinct Chair is automatically a member of the County Central Committee (CCC). The Precinct Chair and Vice-Chair (if there is one) need not be of different genders. You must be present at the precinct meeting to vote for precinct officers.

With respect to elections, the Precinct Chair is expected to work alongside county campaign officials as appointed by the County Chair to:

- work within your precinct to cleanup the voter rolls

- recruit neighborhood teams who will be responsible for contacting and engaging registered Democrats in the precinct, by phone or door-to-door

- accumulating up-to-date contact information for all Democrats in the precinct

- informing precinct members of precinct or county meetings and events

- be a voter registrar (or recruiting voter registrars) to assure that all Democrats in the precinct are registered to vote

- work with election officials to get out the vote

- assist in any other ways requested to have successful elections

Vice-Chairs (if elected) will assist the chair in his/her duties and will assume the responsibilities of the Chair if the Chair is absent or unable to perform his/her duties. Precinct chairs and vice-chairs may express a personal preference of candidates in a Democratic Primary Election if she/he so desires.

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