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What About Fox News?

By Linda Thompson

The four nights of the Democratic convention were very interesting: powerful speakers, lots of positives, an admirable future President Biden and Vice President Harris. And a thought came to me for a post on this blog. A little over a year ago, I sent my evangelical Christian sister (in Washington state) some information about climate change because her third great-grandchild had just been born. Since then, a fourth has been born and a fifth is on its way. For that generation to have hopes of a healthy life on a sustainable planet, we need to get back into high gear to control global warming and promote renewable energy.

She replied to me that climate change is a hoax, that “it is a lie to make the rich richer!” She watches only Fox News and sent me copies of some “news” articles from sources I’ve never heard of such as the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) which calls itself “the conservative alternative to AARP.” Supported by Glenn Beck and similar conservatives, it strongly opposes the Affordable Care Act and supports the oil and gas industry, claiming “they are safer for the environment than ever.” My sister included an article from AMAC Magazine slamming Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal. She included a clip from the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Duluth, GA, called “President Donald Trump’s Remarkable Record of Achievements.” For example, “the economy under President Trump is growing twice as fast as it was under Barack Obama” and “More than $10 TRILLION in new wealth has been created under President Trump.”

Here is my question: How do we address the pro-Trump propaganda on Fox News? It is the only channel my sister watches and also my brother, a Trump supporter and a Republican. Is there any organization that methodically collects these lies and offers rebuttals? And analyzes the philosophy behind this station/organization, its reasons (clearly based on financial gain) for supporting Trump in spite of his disastrous actions and behavior? Thanks for any information and resources that could be used to educate people about Fox News.



Rachel Maddox had a whole big section tonight about a new Book coming out next week called Hoax, which is about Trump and Fox. Look interesting.


Much appreciated. A major problem, to try to break through to those frozen into Fox News. Maybe the recent Lincoln Project ads might get through to some. Maybe we'll never get through, and just have to concentrate on Dems and moderate Independents and Republicans. Why waste our time and effort?

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