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Vote Like Your Life Depends on It

by Darien Fernandez, Chair, Taos County Democratic Party

Vote. Vote like your life depends on it, because it does. The lack of a nationwide organized response to COVID-19 has led to 170,000 deaths. Trump’s response: it is what it is.

Vote. Vote like your rights depend on it, because they do. The Republican Party under Trump is racing toward authoritarianism and despotism with no regard for civil liberties, civil rights, reproductive rights, and even the right to cast a ballot.

Vote. Vote like the environment depends on it, because it does. We’ve seen Trump roll back protections for clean air and water, the stuff that keeps us alive. Four more years of Trump will see a more pronounced destruction of our public lands.

Vote. Vote like our future depends on it, because is does. Do we really want to march down the road to dictatorship with the continued, open corruption of elected officials? Do we really want to see almost 300 years of progress toward a more perfect union thrown away because of one tyrant’s insatiable ego? What type of world do we want to leave for our future generations?

Vote. Vote him out. Vote for a ticket that represents America. Vote early. Vote safely. Vote Biden and Harris.


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I am going to be certain to vote. I'll get my absentee ballot and then drop it off at the County Building while I'm picking up dinner at Lamberts.

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