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Do We Need a Bend-Style Response to ICE?

By Ham Brown

I was amazed  to read about Bend, Oregon’s outpouring of support for two detained immigrants and heartened by their resistance to the ICE agents. It reminded me of Lexington and Concord: “one if by land two if by sea.”

We have many undocumented residents in our county. Many of us have organized to provide them with legal help. And yet that does not seem to deter Trump’s Department of Homeland Security. I think it is possible that they might try a similar raid in our fair and open city.

Should we be prepared to defend them as did the people of Bend? Do we need to form a “minuteman” response? I do not know what the appropriate technological response could be, but I bet some people here do and could figure it out. I don’t think lanterns and horseback riders would work, but perhaps a Twitter group. Is this something we should do? If so, who can put it together?



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