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Accountability for a Clean Energy Future

By Kyle Tisdel

The following is an excerpt from a longer article on policy solutions to hold the oil and gas industry accountable for its legacy of exploitation. To read the full article, click here.

The fossil fuel industry must be held accountable for its environmental debt and the climate damage to our planet. The evidence is clear — they have long understood to impacts of greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of taking responsibility, they put profit over people and our planet, and fought the transition to clean energy tooth and nail. We are now in the midst of climate breakdown, with ever rising environmental disasters, species extinction, and human dislocation. It will continue to worsen even under the best-case scenario. Those who put financial gain over the future of humanity should be held accountable, and I will fight to make sure that happens.

The American people have the tools and ability to fight back, and to lead the global transition away from fossil fuels and to the clean energy economy of tomorrow. This transformation is not only fundamental to maintaining a livable planet, but it provides the opportunity to grow our economy, restore our landscapes, and ensure a just and equitable future that is shared by all.



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