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A Reason to be Hopeful

By Marcia Cruz-Redding

Keeping good memories alive is the remedy for these disheartening and uncertain times. They help me to maintain my sanity and visualize possibilities and a future -- post-November 3rd -- where I will be able to go back to believing in the goodness of our fellow human beings. On Tuesday, after Labor Day, I passed by the Taos County Democratic Party headquarters and had my hopes increased, feeling that there is still hope and that we will overcome these challenging days.

If you asked me what made me feel that energized again, I will answer it without any doubt: the volunteers that I met at Party's office, helping people to register to vote, distributing lawn signs, selling masks and other fashionable democratic items. They were all very welcoming and enthusiastic. It was possible to see smiling faces behind their masks. 

These volunteers reminded me of one of my first Taos United meetings. With yellow card in hand, I walked towards the microphone, gave the yellow card back to Terry and looked at the attentive participants. I shared with them my radical faith in daily acts of kindness. I encouraged them to practice daily acts of kindness, to reach out to other people to transform the environment and our relations. Kindness cannot be random; it must be constant to become a positive habit.

The volunteers at the TCDP headquarters reminded me that kindness can be practiced in many ways. We all should volunteer for something. We can also take some time to visit the volunteers at the Party's office, get a lawn sign, buy a mask or, simply, thank them for being there.

Signs of hope in my neighborhood

Photo: Marcia Cruz-Redding



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